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State-of-the-Art Technology

We always stay on top of the latest software, devices, platforms and technologies for our merchants.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

While other merchant processing companies have invested in credit card terminals or just one point of sale device/software, Merchant Processing Solutions offers a multitude of hardware and software solutions to meet our merchants needs.

We NEVER push just one type of device to our merchants. It totally depends on the merchants business needs. We have even had merchants call us and ask if we can support a particular hardware or software and our answer is always; we’ll check to see if we can work with them. So rest assured that we will NEVER give you just one option!

The Death of Terminals

Currently, terminals are becoming obsolete! They capture nothing but the credit card number, expiration date, CVV Code, the zip code and generate 2 receipts; customer and merchant. Today’s retail merchants want more than that! They want to know how often their customers have shopped at the store, they want to capture their email, their phone number and even what they have purchased. This information becomes critical for keeping loyal customers and growing one’s business.

There are all kinds of retail POS systems, let’s talk about which one best fits your business needs before you purchase something that turns out to NOT be what you needed!

Plastic is going away (Check out & follow our blog: https://processmps.blogspot.com/2018/02/plastic-may-very-well-become-thing-of.html ) More people are relying on their cellphones to purchase items and services.

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Is your business ready to keep and grow your customer base? Do you have a website? How are you capturing new customers and driving business in today’s technological world? Call us, we can help!


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