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MPS Pricing Model

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. prides itself on complete TRANSPARENCY! In an industry with so much uncertainty, outright deception and lies, we ALWAYS want to stand apart.

Our Pricing Model

We pass the direct cost (wholesale rates) from VISA/MC/DISC/AMEX to our merchants with a Flat Transparent Percentage on top. 

We don’t add additional surcharges to our rates! And NO CONTRACT!
We only charge the Fees that correspond to your products and services you need.


  • PCI Compliance Fee
  • IRS Regulatory Fee
  • Wireless Services
  • Mobile Software Fees
  • Gateway Licensing Fees

Refund/ Credit Handling

If you need to do a refund/credit back to a customer, you will NOT be charged another percentage as some companies do.
On the contrary, we will give you back the percentage paid from the original sale as a credit, other processors keep that percentage paid in the original sale.

Annual Rate Review

Every year VISA/MC/DISC/AMEX do reviews on the different credit card rates; however, this does not mean that all of the card rates are increased, in many cases credit card rates go down! With the MPS Pricing Model, you will get the new credit card rates; whether they go up or down.
This can definitely mean savings. And if any of the cards increased in cost, at lease you only pay that increase NOT an increase in our processing fees.
With other processors, your ENTIRE Discount Rate increases an average of 0.05% every April & October.

Proper Set Up

 The MPS Pricing Model is perfect for eCommerce merchants. We set up our eCommerce merchants on the right program from the beginning! Not like many other processors whose reps are looking to make additional revenue based on you getting set up for “SWIPE” transactions when, you are never in front of the customer and are accepting all “CARD NOT PRESENT” transactions.

The wholesale costs or the raw cost (wholesale) of each card is passed on to you, we are not profiting from transactions that are mislabeled. Correct transaction labeling is critical to better rates.


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