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Healthcare Merchant Services

Healthcare offices have special processing needs such as co-pays, insurance, installment payments, billing and in-office payments! MPS can help you accept payments securely and efficiently.

Take Care of Your Patients While We Help You Get Paid

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc., is dedicated to helping our merchants do their business while we help them get paid.
Many healthcare professionals find it very difficult and costly to get paid by credit cards. Not only do healthcare professionals accept Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express, but they also need to accept HSA (Health Spending Account Cards) and then many subscribe to a third-party care program where patients can get a line of credit for their healthcare.

Insurance companies have not helped. They now send letters or emails with credit card information for their insured clients, forcing the healthcare office to accept higher merchant processing costs for the insurance payments!

Lastly, we have found that due to HIPPA Regulations and other delicate issues with healthcare, patient information and payments are hard to track. Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. can help medical offices get paid more efficiently and quicker with one of our systems.

Healthcare Payment Options

Increase the performance of your reception and billing staff by making it easier for your patients to pay for their medical care.
Here are the most commonly payment options used by the healthcare industry:

  • EMV Chipped Terminal – inexpensive but then more work created to keep data.
  • Healthcare POS System – We can connect to many Healthcare Software POS Systems, However, there are still so that remain proprietary. Give us a call, we can consult and offer a less expensive option.
  • Online & Point of Sale System – (see below) Securely maintains all patient information and can send out bills and receipts via email.

Online and Point-of-Sale (POS) Payment Processing Solution

Merchant Processing Solutions Inc., offers an online and point of-sale (POS) payment processing solution that will help not only get paid quicker but more efficiently.

This electronic payment gateway allows healthcare professionals to accept multiple payment options via website, over the phone, swiped in-person and by paying an emailed invoice.

Using a robust POS payment system can increased payment collection and cash flow, reduced receivables, improved office efficiency and functionality, reduced loss due to risk or chargebacks, less paperwork and improved customer service.

Spend Less Time Collecting Payments

Don’t wait for Insurance Companies to make those mailed payments. Let them go to your Website and make Insurance Payments directly to your bank account. Allowing your staff to spend time on their patient care instead of payment collections!

Here are some of the merchant processing options we offer healthcare professionals:

  • Card reader connected to software on PC to accept payments at time of visit. Email receipt or printed one.
  • Website integration – One Button – “Pay My Bill”.
  • Recurring or installment billing for higher priced medical procedures.
  • Virtual terminal for billing department to accept calls and payment immediately and send out email receipts immediately.
  • Ability to save Patient billing data into a secure/encrypted gateway will remote access.
  • Ability to store & save patient’s billing information behind a secure server – offsite.
  • Email billing capabilities – Patient can click on “Pay My Bill” and the invoice opens to a payment form which is secure and encrypted.
  • Ability to accept all types of major payment cards, including ACH and HSA/FSA.
  • Check processing option.
  • Ability to have insurance companies go directly to the website to pay patient insurance fees.
  • Ability to have 2 credit cards on file when dealing with patients with shared legal guardians.
  • QuickBooks connect option for accounting purposes.

The Benefits of Working With Us

There's more to what we offer besides an outstanding solution to your merchant processing needs for your restaurant. There's perks too!


No Cancellation or Early Termination Fees

It is the philosophy of Merchant Processing Solutions Inc. to partner with our merchants to help them save money on their merchant processing which allows them to grow their business.


No Application Fee

Not to worry, we won't charge you to apply to use our merchant processing services for your restaurant, so what are you waiting for?

Full Disclosure of Rates and Fees

We have nothing to hide. We disclose all of our rates and fees upfront so there's no surprises.

MPS Pricing Model

We always are 100% transparent with our pricing model. Learn about our fees, refund handling, annual rate reviews and more.

Onsite Setup, Training and Customer Service

If you and your staff need help with setup, training or support, just contact us and we'll come to your restaurant.

Understanding Rates

We explain our merchant processing rates in depth for you. You'll also learn about the 3 models available in the industry: flat rate, tiered, interchange plus pricing.

Next Day Funding

We offer next day funding to all of our merchants. Find out how you can get your funds fast!

24/7/365 Merchant Support

No matter where your restaurant is located in the U.S. or what time you need support, we are here to help.

Personalized Solutions

We understand that each business has unique needs. That's why each of our solutions are customizes just for you!

State-of-the-Art Technology

Merchant Processing Solutions offers a multitude of hardware and software solutions to meet our merchants needs.

Local with National Reach

We are located in South Florida, but we provide merchant services throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Experience and Reliability

Being in the business since 2006, with over 40 years of combined experience, we know a thing or two!

Interchange Plus Pricing

This model consists of two components — the interchange fee determined by the card networks and a markup set by the credit card processor itself.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions and Provide Support

At Merchant Processing Solutions, you can rely on us to answer any of your questions about how our technologies function, our rates, the process and anything else in regards to merchant services for the healthcare industry. Our goal is to make sure your problems are solved with real solutions!

Ready To Get Started?

Merchant Processing Solutions offers the best equipment solutions, systems and platforms to optimize the payment processing service of your healthcare business.


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