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Giving Back to the Community

Merchant Processing Solutions are proud founders of Networking With a Cause, a non-profit organization that gives back to many charities locally and internationally. We also implemented the National Giveback Program which helps non-profits recoup some of their merchant processing fees allowing them to keep more of their donations.

Business Networking with a Cause

MPS maintains a constant commitment to the community as founders of Business Networking with a Cause and fundraisers for America’s Planned Giving. Through these nonprofit organizations, we give back locally and internationally.

Business Networking with a Cause events are filled with dynamic, successful, business people that gather to network and benefit causes that create a significant impact in the lives of many, helping many local charities and nonprofits as well as more initiatives in Latin America.

America’s Planned Giving

America’s Planned Giving was born to help neglected children whom society has forgotten. They enable and empower young children through the use of innovative educational programs like the English language along with side programs that cultivate cultural perspective expansion. It is our hope that one or more of these children attend a university bringing their life experience and skills into a productive role in this society. Our goal is to grow every year to be able to partner up with more organizations.


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