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Quickbooks Integration

Payments directly within QuickBooks

CHARGE Anywhere® Payment Application Designed for Use with QuickBooks®


CHARGE Anywhere, designed for use with QuickBooks. The QuickBooks user

will be able to process credit and debit cards directly from their

QuickBooks interface and will automatically apply payments

to the customers’ payment screen.




QuickBooks® integration’s unique features:


    •Supports your payment processor and retail, mail order transactions. PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway with PIN Debit available with PCI PED and certified PIN Pads


    •Recurring payments, Multiple invoices and electronic signature capture, storage and retrieval. Payments processed and posted automatically.


    •Automatically creates payment record upon approval; minimizes data entry; easily integrates with POS terminals and e-commerce platforms that Integrates to a secure customer database.


    •Utilizes ComsGate® PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway Real-time transaction details and database management via CHARGE Anywhere’s web based Transaction Manager.




Provide merchants a feature-rich plug-in to process credit card, debit card and ACH payments directly within QuickBooks. Saves merchants time by eliminating double entry and saves them money by lowering their processing fees.


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