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Know what having a Gift Card Program can mean to your business.


The MPS Gift Card Program is an exciting product that increases your brand exposure, increases customer loyalty, eliminates cash returns, lowers administrative costs and is more secure than paper gift certificates. Gift cards drive the average ticket amount higher than paper gift certificates. Coined as “miniature” billboards for your brand, the customer can justify redeeming the gift card and typically spends on average 58% more than the value of the gift card at the time of purchase. This is the most effective way to maximize your marketing efforts while branding your business.


What a gift card program could do for you:


    It boosts your brand quickly and effectively

    Customers spend more than actual card value

    Unlike paper certificates, plastic cards may be reloaded at any time

    Pre-paid values are kept in your business and will be spent at your business

    Programs are easy to setup and work with most POS systems

    There is no hardware to purchase

    It is a powerful promotional tool for advertising and marketing campaigns


Did you know that Gift Cards can be your most profitable square foot of selling space?


Every gift card generates two customers – the purchaser and the gift card receiver. Research shows that it costs up to 8 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer. The gift card gives your business more value-building with the customers you already have!


The gift card program is profitable even if you only sell 50 cards per year! With different program options, you can select a program that best fits your needs. Accurate, electronic data tracking and reporting of all gift card programs significantly reduces the management, manual accounting and fraud expense of paper certificates.


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