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Did you know the MPS E-commerce solution can turn any internet PC into an actual point-of-sale device without installing software?

Well, we can! We give merchants the chance to start accepting orders and credit card transactions online today! With easy integration with almost any commerce system, order management or accounting software, MPS gives merchants what they need to grow their business.


E-commerce Solutions can help your business:

- Receive order confirmation by mail

- Keep card information more secure

- Make purchases with confidence

- Place orders quickly and reliably

- Schedule recurring billing

- Reduce risk and increase security


Increase your sales while keeping transactions secure


The MPS E-commerce solution also provides secure sockets layer (SSL) security and extra fraud protection tools. The merchant will feel confident that their customers’ sensitive payment data is protected. Online real-time reporting combined with support for an up-to-200-item catalog makes it a market leader!


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