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Paying with check? Not a problem.


When a customer brings out their check book, you don’t have to turn away their business. MPS provides an innovative solution that creates check processing like a credit card transaction-Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA). Paper checks create a number of extra steps for the merchant and can be a cost burden but with ECA you not only streamline the check acceptance process but also eliminate returned checks, returned check fees and warranty claims while reducing check fees and trips to the bank.


Combining the benefit of checks with safety, speed and ease of electronic money movement!


The ECA fund transfer requires the TeleCheck Eclipse™ payment terminal, a specialized set of terminal and host software, and the ACH settlement of monthly billing. That’s all it takes to be ready to go! The TeleCheck® ECA® Verification service is one of the industry’s most sophisticated check verification systems. It gives you the confidence to accept more checks, while reducing bank fees and processing costs.


• Improves cash flow

• Eliminates returned checks, returned check fees and warranty claims

• Streamlines check process and reduces paperwork

• Expedites closing, balancing and settlement

• Reduces trips to the bank by eliminating manual check deposits

• Diminishes overall costs of accepting checks


TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) Verification service gives merchants an efficient option for accepting and processing checks at the point-of-sale. This service is ideal for merchants who want to implement an electronic check service to avoid traditional bank fees and manage their own collection efforts.


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